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From the middle of the 1800's until the late 1970's Johnstown, PA was one of America's largest steel-making regions. When steel was in its heyday so were the coal mines. Westinghouse Electric Company was a leading manufacturer of industrial motors that powered those mines and in 1936, opened a repair shop that would eventually become Allegheny Manufacturing & Electrical Service.

For the next fifty years, the facility processed tens of thousands of electrical mining motors. The end of the steel era and decline of mining in the region did not mean the end of the business. In 1986, the firm acquired a large contract from Reliance to manufacture mining motors - not just to assemble the parts, but to take charge of the entire manufacturing process, turning blueprints in to finished machines. This opportunity greatly expanded the company's experience and capabilities.

At the time, the company's current owners were employees at the facility. Andrew Stager became plant manager in 1988.

Although the loss of the region's steel mills and many of its coal mines had changed the market for their services, a strong market remained in the form of the region's many power plants and industrial manufacturing facilities. When Westinghouse announced plans to leave the electric motor business in the mid-1990's, Andy saw the firm's strong growth potential and purchased the facility in 1997. Under their leadership, the firm flourished and provides electrical and mechanical products and services to industrial and utility clients across the region.